D20 Technical Services

Custom Software Development and Cloud Experts

About Us

D20 Technical Services is a technology consultancy specializing in the cloud. We are experts in software and systems architecture, enterprise application development and systems integration.

Our focus areas include:

  • Cloud Development and Migration. We have deep experience with the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms.
  • Search/Analytics. We can extend the search capabilities of your existing applications, or create new analytics systems using Elasticsearch.
  • Blockchain. We build blockchain-enabled applications based on Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Application Development. We create custom, data-intensive applications using the Java and Python programming languages.
  • Architecture and Best Practices. Our consultants are seasoned technologists with decades of experience building robust software solutions. We can do the hard work of capacity planning and cost modeling, testing and validation to ensure that your applications perform as expected at scale.

D20 Technical Services is based in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area and works with clients nationally. Contact us at info@d20tech.com to learn more about our offerings.